Old Locks: Repair and Reuse

People love to collect things that are interesting to them. One of them to collect Old Locks, maybe passed down from the grandparents’ house, bought at a flea market, or whichever way they came across it. The most common problem with Old Locks is that they are often already broken or you just break the key in. Then you ask yourself now what? Is it possible to repair my lock so I can reuse it? How do I do that?

Four simple steps to avoid being overcharged

1. Gather all the pieces of your Old Lock in one place.
2. Examine the Old Lock for possible References.
3. Find the right Locksmith for you.
4. Think of ways to put your old lock back to life.

• Gather all the pieces of your Old Lock!

Whether your Old Lock is missing its Key, or you broke the Key while trying it out or the rusty old lock just got dismantled into two pieces (I have seen this one with not so old locks myself), the best you can do is contain your awe or rage under control and pick up the pieces. There is still hope out there in the hands of a skilled Locksmith.

• Examine the Old Lock for possible references!

Once you have all the pieces of the lock, check for maker, serial number or any other piece of information that can be used to trace down the lock online so you can do some research about it. This is also applies when the Key or the Lock is form an antique automobile. You would have to find where duplicate keys can be produce for your old model, if the lock maker is still in business and finally where to get the service.

• Find the right Locksmith for you!

Find a reputable Locksmith that would not overcharge you and provide them with whatever information you have on the lock so he can give you a quote. Yes, this is why you do you research beforehand. If you were not able to find much information about replacing an old lock or the key, then send the locksmith some photos so he can tell you whether he can do the service or if it is even worth it. Even if you do not have a key, a good locksmith can regenerate a new key from the lock itself. All this can be done at a reasonable price so watch out for the price.http://www.locksmithspringvalleyca.net/blog/repairing-and-reusing-of-old-lock-keys/

• Reuse your Old Lock or keys!

There are many things you can do with an old lock from actually using it to lock a door or whatever you might find it fit to, to just use it for some nice unique ornament for the house or office. This is often done with the key, use ribbons, some copper wire and make art! Another thing to do is store them for later use. You would be surprise by how many old keys work with new locks.

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In summary what you need to do is keep the Old Locks and Keys, look for pieces of information about its serialization or maker and then that information will be crucial for the locksmith to repair your old door, car keys, etc. Then depending whether the locksmith get them to work or not you can choose between art crafting or locking your possessions away.

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