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So here you are locked out of your car or house and who do you call? A locksmith obviously, so he start doing his or her job it all seems find until he or she starts telling you thing like asylum function, biometric, biting, handling, keyed alike, or the lock grade. All of a sudden you feel uncomfortable and out of place because you have no idea what this person is talking about and frankly you may be feeling too embarrassed to ask. Today you will learn the definition of this commonly used locksmith terms.

Asylum Function: Deadlocking latch bolt is operated by a key from either side. This means that it will only work with the use of the key because the lever on either side is inoperable.

Biometric: Refers to a lock that electronic or mechanical it probably uses fingerprint confirmation or requires the input of a pin in order to unlock.

Bitting: This term is used to refer to the cuts on a key.

Handling: There are four different types of door handles which all have different operation like the ones listed below.

• Left hand: Hinge is on the left and the door opens in
• Left hand reverse: Hinge is on the left and door opens out
• Right hand: Hinge is on the right and the door opens in
• Right hand reverse: Hinge is on the right and door opens out

Keyed Alike: This term is used when the knobs on the doors seem to have an alike lining a locksmith can probably make a single key to open all of the doors.http://www.lock-picking.org/locksmith-dictionary.html

Lock Grade: there are 3 lock grades they range from 1 being the safest to 3 being the easiest to break in to.

• Lock Grade 1: This type of locks they are usually used for commercial purposes, these lock are tested and are guaranteed to be vandal resistant.
• Lock Grade 2: These types of lock are usually used for small business or small commercial purposed and are recommended over grade 3 locks.
• Lock Grade 3: Light duty residential locks. Anybody with the right tools or skill can easily break into this locks never use them for commercial purposes. Many locksmiths don’t know why this types of locks even exist. You might as well just leave your door open. Just thing about all the valuable stuff inside your home. Are you really planning to protect all that with a lock that cost you less than $20 dollars? I don’t think so and neither should you.

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Now next time that you are in the presence of a locksmith your will most likely hear him or her use one of the common locksmith terms. Yes, now you don’t totally feel lost and you can have an idea of where the conversation is going. You don’t have to study these terms in order to know them you can just keep this in hand and pull it out when you need to.

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