Keeping Your Garden Secure

We go to great lengths to secure our houses, yet many people overlook their gardens. Yet outhouses and sheds can contain very valuable items such as bicycles, tools and lawnmowers, while even garden furniture can be a target for thieves and costly – not to mention frustrating! – to replace.

It is wise, therefore, to pay attention to the security measures you have in place in your garden. There are many simple and cheap steps you can take to looking after your garden property, and now is definitely the time to act, too; research compiled from ten years of data by insurance company Aviva shows that theft from gardens rises by a quarter when the clocks go forward at the end of March and the evenings get lighter. With this in mind, we have a few helpful tips for you:

Check Your Locks

The padlocks you have on gates and sheds are susceptible to rust due to their exposure to the elements, and since this can make them harder to open with a key, you might think they are also harder to break. Yet rust can weaken the locking mechanism, and actually make it easy to break the lock open with the application of force. Any rusty padlocks should be replaced with new ones.

Replace Old Doors And Gates

Wooden doors and gates will also be weakened by the elements, as rotten wood is very easily broken apart. The finest locks are useless if the frame or door can be broken free, so replace old wood with new and make sure it is coated with protective primer to prevent rotting.


One of the thief’s main tools is the cover of darkness, which allows them time to work on locks and remove items from your garden unnoticed. A simple security light can make a thief think twice about even attempting to steal from your garden. There are many kinds available from DIY and hardware stores, but high street retailers such as Debenhams have options which can be a decorative feature, as well as a secure one.

Chain And Mark

High-value items such as gas barbecues can be a target for thieves so these should be chained and locked to something secure – not a plastic drainpipe! Valuable lawn chairs should also be secured this way if they are left outside, but it is always advisable to take the extra time to secure them in a shed if you have one. As well as chaining items, mark them with an ultra-violet marker; that way, if they are stolen and recovered by the police, they can be traced back to you.for more details, read their latest comment.



If you have expensive ornaments or statues which hold a permanent place in your garden, you can obtain small alarm devices which sit underneath them, setting off an alert tone whenever they are moved.

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