Improving Home Security

There are several ways make a house more secure at little cost.

Homes without security systems are three times more likely to be broken into. People looking to house are greatly impressed by security features, which also generally result in lower insurance costs. If this is too expensive, you could still put up signs to that effect. The entry points preferred by thieves are the front door, the back door and first-floor windows, so signs should be there. Fake cameras at these locations can also be effective. These points should also be well-lit, and lights activated by a motion detector are inexpensive. There should be no shrubbery offering concealment.

Most burglaries take place between 10am and 3pm on weekdays. Burglars seek homes which appear unoccupied, and homes will be empty at this peak time if the occupants are at work. A timer could turn on the television or radio during these hours. If you own a second car, you could keep it on the drive while you’re a work. People with an entrepreneurial bent could even rent out their drive: parking spaces are highly valuable.go to the website for more information about home security.

The typical burglar is a male teenager from your neighborhood who does not wish to spend more than a minute breaking into a house. A sign reading, “My dog can run faster than you” could be enough of a deterrent, more so if there is evidence of the presence of a canine, such as a dog bowl. An actual dog will be more effective, and even small dogs which bark enthusiastically could help.

Deadbolt locks and bars on windows can be effective theft deterrents. Windows next to drainpipes are the most attractive to burglars. Door and window frames should be sturdy. Needless to say, everything should be locked. Six percent of burglaries happen because that detail was forgotten.


On average, burglars spend between eight and 12 minutes in a house, so objects could survive a burglary if they cannot be found within that time. The bedroom cupboard, dresser drawer and freezer are the first places where thieves look.for more information go straight from the source.

You make things easier for a burglar if you leave a ladder or garden tools in your drive or garden. Leaving valuables on window ledges also invites burglary. Leaving a key under a doormat or plant pot is another thing which is akin to erecting a sign that says, “Burgle me.”

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